Introducing a new approach to articulation therapy


We create solutions to help you maximize your therapy reach. Busy caseload? Use our portal to manage your materials and automatically share home practice with parents. Time for therapy? Our games are crafted to encourage maximum repetitions—so you get maximum results for speech sound disorders.

Data driven technology increases accuracy

Our games track performance and calculate percent accuracy throughout your session. We automatically provide an end-of-session data report, saving you time and simplifying your session notes, while allowing for more accurate reporting of compliance and improvement data.

Our speech-recognition enabled grading feature makes at-home therapy practice easy and reduces the burden on parents.

Engaging games motivate students

We've created fun video games with interesting characters, animations, images and background scenes to help maintain a child's focus.

Students can select a character for play to help with motivation, and to help promote accuracy, will receive positive reinforcement animations for every correct production.

Customizable exercises increase productivity

Our games are fully customizable and allow group practice with up to four students with different targets. They can be used for isolation level practice for any target, or as a data collection tool for various therapy activities.

These innovative updates also streamline creating, assigning and reminding clients of their at-home therapy work.


With Verboso, you can...

Manage clients and monitor goal progress with our comprehensive dashboards

Use our pre-built quick lists or customize and build your own

Save time with our pre-loaded flashcards and audio cues

Assign homework directly from dashboards

Record and save performance data automatically in your dashboard, giving clients immediate feedback

Use speech recognition technology to turn clients' voices into joysticks for games

Easily toggle off speech recognition to guide therapy without the aid of speech recognition

Let clients practice their speech in 3 different games. Assigned word lists automatically flow into games

Ready to improve your articulation therapy?