Marine Team game instruction


Let's get started!

Navigate from the menu screen to start playing. You may review the student's fish tank or their performance statistics by clicking the "book" button.


Select your players

Cards will show up providing visual prompts for the targets you are practicing. For word and syllable level practice, audio cues will play as well. No audio cues will play for custom targets. Don’t be alarmed if you do not hear any additional sounds other than the audio cues coming from the game!


Select your exercises and level

Select what exercises you would like the participant to practice. Choose from /r/, /l/, or “ch” at isolation, syllable, or word level. Or, create a custom practice session to work on any target you’d like. For example, you could work on /p/ and /b/ in isolation, or grammatical morphemes like regular past tense endings. Use the app as your data tracking tool and reinforcement for any activity you’re planning. Click on the “shuffle” icon to randomly present any selected targets.


Start your practice

To begin playing the game, select the number of players you would like to play during this session. If it doesn’t already exist, create a profile for the participant using only their first name. If you have more than one participant with the same name, use a number to differentiate them. Do not enter any additional identifying information such as a last name. Then select what character you would like to play with.


Utilize the features

Use the green and red buttons to reinforce or not reinforce the student’s production. If the shuffle feature has been selected, prompts from each exercise will appear at random. If the shuffle feature is not selected, the exercises will be presented in order. The game will present all cues available for that exercise before moving to the next exercise in the list for that player. If you would like to hear an audio cue again, click the prompt card to replay the audio.


Complete the game

Complete 10 productions to finish the level, gain three stars and move on to the next level! When you are ready to end the session press the “Menu” button in the top left corner of the screen and select “End Session."


Check your progress and statistics

When the session is complete performance data from that session will be displayed. This data will be broken out by student and exercise. To view a separate player’s statistics, click the left or right arrow. You can always review previous session data by clicking the book icon in the main menu, selecting that kid’s profile, then clicking the graph icon.​


Review previous session data

Select the book icon in the main menu to review the fish tank and previous session data. The fish tank allows you to review fish that have been caught during the kid’s practice sessions. Make your way through the whole game and catch all the fish!